The team sheet is out for Real Madrid’s US tour and David Beckham, as expected, is among the 24 who will be jetting over in the next 24 hours ahead of the first friendly on August 9th in Seattle against DC United. For this and also a video of the interview Becks gave on RVN’s signing – head over to the Real Madrid site. You will need to be an e member to see it, but as fans I am sure that most of you are, it’s free and if you have been put off by the form (they seem to want a dna sample to let you join) just *coughmakesomethingupcough* Also make sure you check on the photos of the day as there are cute ones of his hotness aka Becks!

Silence not so golden

The Mirror carried a story this morning about the fact that David Beckham and SAF have not spoken since David left Manchester United, apart from 5 words at the funeral of Jimmy Davis, a sad ocassion that forced their paths to cross. It made me sad to read that when Beckham was told he would be sold and would no longer play for the team he had supported since birth, it was all done without a single word from Sir Alex. I have respect for Sir Alex’s track record, but Beckham signed papers as a 14 year old, and to realise there was not one word of good-bye, feels a little like hearing a father sent his son away and refused to say good bye.
I hope one day they will set aside their differences and stubborn pride as I do believe their was a time when Ferguson really was very fond of Becks and it went both ways and I hope they can put the hurt behind them because I think when two people have had a genuine bond – while the rift remains – it’s always a source of regret. I think David Beckham deserved to be treated better, I believe he had earnt it, he served Manchester United well, but the fact that it was handled the way it was, suggests that it was a very emotional situation for Ferguson. I hope one day both men will be able to remember all that was great about what they were a part of, rather than any differences they had. Anyway I’ll stop blithering click here for the story. – Hope you have a wonderful week – A.

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