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Just a quick update – click on the picture right to view a bigger picture of a sample page from the scrapbook we are working on. There is still more decoraton to be added and I am working on my terrible hand-writing (Sara’s is better!)lol. The page is smaller than a full page and obviously the scan is slightly lower quality than the real page! What we have decided to do, to make each message special, is give each message it’s own Post-it design and colors. It lets us create colorful, personal style pages quickly, and whilst the design is very simple – it’s nice and cheerful and that was our aim. The finished pages plus the pictures we have received from some fans will be tied together with ribbon and inserted into a cardboard binder. So far we have 63 messages of support, a big thanks to all who have contributed and we hope to have many more by the project deadline at the end of the month — Anna

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