David Beckham going stateside?

If David Beckham does not sign a contract extension with Real Madrid soon, he will be in a position to leave the club on a free at the end of the current season. The rumors that Becks may move to the US to play for the MLS as soon as the 2007 season are gathering momentum with this story being widely published! I think this is a story that will not die until such time as the ink dries on a new contract at Real Madrid.

As I’ve said before, personally I’d be very happy if Becks moved Stateside. The reality is that at the end of this season Becks is going to be 32. Football is a physically demanding sport that exacts a toll and there are always younger players coming up, who have not got the miles on the clock or the niggles that injuries leave behind. No matter how great a player is, it’s hard for 32 to compete with 22, that’s just life. Becks can compete better than most, but still he will know his career at the top is finite and the opportunity to play MLS for a few years may be attractive. Especially now that his international career has been unfairly and prematurely ended. David Beckham always said playing for his country meant everything to him and clearly it did, but facing the prospect that the door is closed, does he have the same incentive to remain in European football? By moving to the MLS he may be able to extend his career by a couple of years by playing in a League that might place less demands on him. It could be the difference between retiring at 34 or 36 and personally (and selfishly!) I’d love him to play for as long as possible.

Becks, bless him, has never fully gotten comfortable with Spanish, I know from my own failed attempts at languages, that it’s really hard. In the USA he would be able to play in a country that has english as a native language. A country in which he would be one of many, many celebrities and would perhaps no longer be singled out for 24/7 paparazzi attention. A country in which his children could hopefully have a closer to normal life, he has mentioned his concern about Brooklyn beginning to notice the camera’s. He would get one last mega pay day that would secure not only his future, but that of his son’s. However, perhaps best of all, the very things that have bought him criticism and for which he has been punished in England, being high profile, are more accepted in the US. I think he might simply be treated better in the US than he has been elsewhere. I’m not saying this rumor is true, what do I know, I’m just saying if it were, I’d be very happy for him :-) If he stays at Real Madrid of course we’ll continue to support him there! I guess ultimately whatever happens, we hope it’s the best thing for Becks! — Anna & Sara

P.S There are a few new pics in the Real Madrid, This week gallery and in Family but I’m looking for some more!

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