david beckham arriving in Rome

David Beckham is quoted in today’s News of the World, denying any rift with Real Madrid over his recent trip to Rome, he said

“I am completely surprised to see some of the newspaper coverage,” Beckham told the News of the World.

“I asked the club for permission to go to the dinner on Friday evening and they allowed me to go, as long as I was in Madrid for treatment on my injury and to watch the game on Saturday.

“I did exactly that and I am in Madrid for the whole weekend.”

Capello has also confirmed that David Beckham had permission to go to Rome.

Becks was recently interviewed by the italian magazine, Sportsweek, and is reported as saying of his situation at Real Madrid -

“I’m not playing a lot for Real Madrid and it is very difficult. The manager knows I’m not happy to sit on the bench. I think this is the worst time I’ve had.

“However, I’ve no option but to respect his choice and hope it will get better. Now I must work hard to gain back Mr Capello’s confidence.

“Our relationship is professional, never personal. It’s like that with all the players.

“He’s a very Italian manager. He really loves what he is doing and makes us work very hard. I enjoy playing in the middle or on the wing, but the important thing is to be on the pitch!

“I have faith in what is happening at Madrid but it also makes things very difficult.”

Read the full story from The News of the World in which Becks talks about not wanting to leave Real Madrid but also makes it clear things are uncertain and he has concerns for his children.

It’s sad to read Becks comments. He will be missing playing even more than we are missing seeing him play. We all know that since Capello became the manager at Real Madrid and began to change the formation, tactics etc. that Becks has had little game time and that is of course very frustrating for him. He is right of course, he has no option right now but to continue to do his best in the given circumstances, but in the coming months there will be other options, as there are still many clubs in a number of leagues that would like to have David Beckham in their team. Things will get better one way or another!

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