David Beckham’s spokesman Simon Oliveira has responded to Fabio Capello’s accusation that Real Madrid were not advised of David Beckham’s plans, he told the media that Real Madrid were advised and that all dealings had been entirely above board. He told the Associated Press (story here)

Until the club sits down with him to address the situation, David will continue to train with Real Madrid until the end of the season with his usual professionalism.

We’ve done everything above board, Oliveira said. We made our intentions clear to Real Madrid that David wasn’t staying at the club before meeting with the Galaxy.

Furthermore, any reports that suggest David’s lawyers are speaking to Real Madrid are inaccurate.

It is obvious that Real Madrid are acting out of vindictiveness and greed. The accusation by Capello, designed to justify his petty pronouncement that he would not play David Beckham again, is a new low. Calderon has supported Capello, saying that Beckham’s representatives toyed with the club and did not tell them that the Beckhams had already bought a house in LA. Of course at this time, it has been reported that Posh is still house hunting, so comments such as this, which appear fabricated, (the second the Beckhams sign contracts on a LA Home it will be all over the press, as housing contracts are a matter of public record and are filed with the city) make the fact that the club is engaged in underhand tactics painfully obvious. Calderon’s comments can be viewed here.

His new comments completely conflict with his initial comments to the official Real Madrid website

“We have to thank Beckham for being a gentleman in the four years he has been at Real Madrid,” Calderon told the Real Madrid website.

“Beckham’s agent told us that they had a very interesting offer and in the end, it has been the best situation for both parties and we must celebrate it.”

What has bought on this public turn around? I have seen some amateur hour PR stunts in my time but the fact that the club is playing fast and loose with the truth now that the value of David Beckham’s new contract has been so widely publicised and the club resents that they are to see none of this substantial sum, is so transparent. Real Madrid may have looked foolish for not securing or selling a footballer of David Beckham’s standing for a decent transfer fee but to replace foolish, with dishonest, nasty and unprofessional is hardly a way to recover the situation. David Beckham has always been an exemplary professional and he has always given his all for Real Madrid. Calderon had it right when he said David Beckham was a gentleman. It is a pity that he did not have the sense or decency to leave it at that. ESPN have published a good article on this debacle, you can read it here

The MLS commissioner, Don Garber, has refuted claims that David Beckham may leave Real Madrid earlier than expected. He said that the quotes from his office initially reported in Marca, a Madrid newspaper, were fabricated. Full Story here. A spokesman for David Beckham also said that David Beckham would not consider buying out of his contract, so Real Madrid are going to potentially have Becks training with the team and sitting in the stands till the end of the season. In the event of poor results and/or injuries I am sure they will enjoy all the pressure and questions that situation will attract. Let’s hope they come to their senses and release him from his contract or adopt a fair and professional approach to him as a player.

David Beckham did indeed train today there are photos in the gallery.

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