disney Ad

David Beckham has teamed up with Disney Parks and Resorts for an advertisement shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz(she also took the Body by Milk photo’s and the pictures that appeared in the cover shoot David Beckham did for Vanity Fair in 2004) In the Ad Becks is Prince Phillip the dragon slayer from Sleeping Beauty! That works :)

You can read about the photoshoot and some quotes from Becks in the press materials in Metro and also USA Today

The difference between the two versions of the ad is that the first has the Walt Disney Logo and also a one line description of the scene and the second version doesn’t. The first two pictures were taken during shooting. The pictures are all 2000 px wide and should be able to be re-sized to use for wallpapers! There are also some David Beckham photos from the shoot in the gallery

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