Goal 2 special screenings!

Shout out to any Leicester or Kilmarnock fans! There will be special advanced screenings of Goal 2 at 6.30pm tonight at the Odeon Cinemas Leicester Freeman and at Odean Cinamas Kilmarnock for anyone who can make it!

Sid Lowe wrote a great article about the feelings of the Bernabeu faithful yesterday, story here, the feelings of disenchantment may run high but AS.com reports this morning that Capello will remain as Manager until June at which time it is hoped he will be replaced by Schuster. It seems the cost of terminating Capello’s contract now would exceed 16 million euros, a sum which silenced those Board members calling for an immediate change in Manager. There is also a good summary of events on the El Mundo site.

Vicente del Bosque gave an interview view it here in which he talks about the crisis at Real Madrid having been partly created by the way that David Beckham and Ronaldo have been treated. You can view a better translation of comments here.

Following yesterday’s board meeting, Mijatovic repeated the same sentiments about Becks as he had a fortnight earlier, he said -

Beckham has been a good professional for us over the last few years, but in the end we didn’t reach an agreement over a contract extension and he made the decision to leave the Club and go to the US. Now, that leaves us to plan for the future and we want to give players from the youth system more experience so that sooner or later they will form a part of the first team.

On January 22 he said

‘We have a lot of players who promise much and have a great future. I think these youngsters have the edge over ones who have been here a few years because they are the future of the club

The media all ran the new quote under the headline “Mijatovic says Beckham will not play again”. They ran the January 22nd comment under the headline “Mijatovic hints Beckham’s chances of playing may be limited”.

On the other hand The Telegraph ran an article to say David Beckham is likely to be recalled by Real Madrid because the dire straits the club is in demands it… this seems a very optimistic interpretation of the situation. When I first read this I confess I was more than a little dubious but Manuel Saucedo is reporting in his column on the Marca site that at the meeting of the board, Capello was urged to rectify some of his decisions. He was told he should attempt to resolve the situation with David Beckham, as the team has been demanding it, and it would be unwise to continue to leave David Beckham out in the cold if David Beckham is still willing to be in the team. David Beckham of course has always been more than willing. These reports are in contradiction to Mijatovic’s comments and it is difficult to believe we will see any change in heart so soon after Capello’s hissy fits. I remain decidely skeptical and as I don’t speak spanish it is always possible I have misunderstood the translation. Anyway, what this all boils down to is lots of headlines but little real news today.

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