Real Madrid did not lose to Barcelona, that is the good news… the bad news is that they did not win even though for the entire second half it was 11 men against 10. Real did go ahead with 17 minutes remaining but a late equaliser in the 91st minute sunk what was so close to being a long overdue positive result for the team. So what this means for La Liga is that Real Madrid is not out of the running but, as always through out this season, they refuse every opportunity and gift to go ahead and really place themselves in a commanding position. If Seville win against Nastic, a team facing relegation, they will be 8 points clear and as it is March, it would be fair to say it will take some luck and unexpected mistakes by the leader for Real Madrid to pull back the points in the remaining time. Still, it is possible. Where there is life, there is hope! It would be wonderful for Becks and the entire team to take something from the season. Fingers crossed. If you are interested in details of the match they are as always on the official site.

I have a small addition to the MUTV interview, special thanks to notorious mvp a korean fan of Becks who has kindly shared some video with us, I thought this part was especially cute and funny!

There is a story in the Sunday People about Becks getting the last laugh on some bullies from his school days view here. There is also a report on the Beckham’s charitable works that estimates donations over the last 4 years at more than one million dollars more details here.

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