This morning’s Sun has an Interview with David Beckham. Full Story is now available Online in four parts, Part one: David Beckham Interview Part two: My England Career is not finished Part three: I knew I’d win my Real place back and Part four: My big chance to say goodbye. Part’s one and two also have some photos from David Beckham’s new Adidas commercial (to be released March 6) I have added them to the photo gallery

There are many great quotes from Becks in the interview and you will want to read them all but here are just a few highlights

I hear every day that the game’s changed and that I couldn’t play for England again because I haven’t got the pace. But my game was never about pace.

My game was more than that. I was never a quick player and one who went past people. But, if you give me two yards, then I’ll put a ball into a box where people can score. That’s always been my game.
That’s why I still believe I can perform at a high level and that I’ve got three or four years left

I still watch every game wanting England to win. That’s the person I am. I’m friends with the players in the team and a lot of the staff.

I’m a football fan and an England fan and whether I’m picked or not that won’t change.

I would be stupid to think I can make it (soccer) as big as baseball, basketball and American Football. That is not going to happen …. probably half of America hasn’t even heard of me.

I am not going there thinking I will change everything. My aim is to help the kids in America enjoy football, he said.

I’ll be involved at the grassroots with kids from eight to 15, then taking them on at the end of that, trying to keep their interest going, as that’s usually when they stop playing.

I had other offers from clubs in England and two big clubs in Italy. The Italian thing tempted me but this just seemed right.

I always want a challenge. I’d played for Real Madrid and Manchester United at the top of European football for 15 years and I just sat back and decided I wanted a new challenge.

I know why people consider it semi-retirement – I’ve played at Real and United where the standard is a lot higher.

But I don’t see it as semi-retirement. I see it as another challenge in my life and a step up.

People have criticised and asked why I’ve done it at such a young age. But it was important for me to be able to go there and still perform at a high level.

It’s not just about my playing career though. It’s about being an ambassador for the MLS and taking football to a different level in the States.

The Mirror is running a story this morning that McClaren is scared to recall Becks because he thinks he will look weak and that Becks chances of being named to the squad list are still very small. Full story here. On the bright side, even a tiny chance of a recall is an improvement on no chance and at least McClaren is having his decision placed under the microscope. The Mirror also mentions that although McClaren is travelling to Munich to see both David Beckham and Owen Hargreaves play, that Owen is now an injury doubt, details here

update – Todays training report and photos are online. The team received a visit from President Calderon today at training… I don’t know what they did to deserve that ;-) Also here is video of yesterday’s session. Have a good weekend

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