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You can watch ESPN highlights including Jesse Marsch’s dirty foul on David Beckham that should have received a straight red card above.

First of the photos from the game are in the gallery. Thanks to Tanique33!

David Beckham is a wounded warrior after playing another 90+ minutes in the LA Galaxy’s loss to Chivas USA. He played with tremendous heart as always and although he put in some great crosses his team-mates were unable to convert. Coach Yallop used up all of the subs and with more than 20 minutes to go Becks, who was running on sheer willpower, hit the wall. He was barely able to walk and couldn’t take the LA Galaxy’s last corner. He still saluted the fans before he left the field. Let’s send some positive thoughts and energy for his recovery his way. You can read a match recap online here.

Post-match comments

David Beckham did not speak with the press after the game. Here are comments from LA Galaxy Manager Frank Yallop and team-mate Landon Donovan -

Galaxy coach Frank Yallop said, “It wasn’t the intention to play him at all but he came in and said that he felt okay… And obviously with our situation in the league we need points.”

“I didn’t want to leave him on but in the end, at 2-0, he tried and all it needed was maybe one set piece or one bit of magic by David.

“Right at the end he looked hobbled… I used him tonight and I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t like to put players like David in jeopardy of getting injured, and that wasn’t the intention.”

Landon Donovan, who had also returned from playing 60 minutes for the USA in a Friendly against Sweden in Europe, entered the match against Chivas USA in the 59th minute as a substitute. He said, “I was exhausted. I’m sure David was too… Obviously, he wasn’t the sharpest he’s ever been because of all the traveling and the game last night. You could tell at the end he could barely move, but we don’t have many options.”

Yallop, in a departure from the usual vague responses told the media he couldn’t envision David Beckham playing in the LA Galaxy’s next match this Sunday in Colorado.

The award for the worst timing goes too..

Alexei Lalas. The LA Galaxy GM has expressed his concerns about David Beckham’s schedule for club and country. He told The BBC, “I’m not going to deny there comes a point when your body can’t do it anymore… If at any point we felt it was detrimental to his health or ability to help our team we would take action.” He elaborated, “We have a vested interest in this player and we have spent a tremendous amount of money to retain his services. We want to make sure we get our money’s worth and that he is healthy and both physically and mentally ready to go when he plays for the Galaxy.”

Where was Alexi’s concern for David Beckham’s health yesterday? Surely considering soccer is a team sport Alexi Lalas would be better off turning his attention to finding David Beckham a team to play with, the LA Galaxy doesn’t appear to have one at the moment. Also, just for the record Mr Lalas, David Beckham is generating a tremendous amount of money for LA Galaxy, AEG and all MLS franchises. In fact his commercial value is generating more revenue than all the franchises combined were making before he arrived. He is paying for himself and a great deal besides. He has already generated more publicity for the club and league than it is has ever received before. The only thing Mr Lalas needs to say is thank you.

There is an article on ESPN that raises some of the many questions Mr Lalas might be better off dwelling on.

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