While the match ended in a tie, Beckham put out a nice performance and I’m sure Franco Baldini, who traveled 10000 miles to assess David’s fitness will have good things to report to Fabio Capello.

Even if he denied feeling the pressure to perform, to me it was obvious from his emotions and the few heated moments, many with Rocha from FC Dallas (see the gallery) that David really wanted to make an impression and he did. It’s what defines champions: how well they perform under pressure and I don’t see anything wrong with that :) .

Reunited with old friends
Here’s a photo update to Beckham’s reunion with old friends, the Alcaca family with whom he stayed 19 years ago (Dina’s original post here).

New Body Art
Here’s a picture TMZ posted today, for the meaning, I filtered through all the wisecrack comments and one of them seem like it might be right, he/she says it means something like “everything is pre-destined”.

Pepsi Commercial
Here’s the new Pepsi commercial Dina mentioned a few days ago.

The Daily Mail points out he kinda looks like Indiana Jones :D

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