Salary Talk, continued
Pretty quiet day today as is usually the case on a non-match weekend. Basically all that is being talked about is David’s salary which Dina already went over in the last article. I will just expand a bit on it here for those that don’t want to click the link and prefer a summary :p. David’s Salary is twice as much as anyone else’s and 50X the average MLS salary. We already knew he was paid a lot of course but put in perspective like that makes it even cooler :) . His salary is said to have risen 12% to US$ 129,395 (for a total of US$5.5 million base salary) for a total guaranteed income is at US$ 6.5 Million. The 2nd highest paid MLS athlete is Cuauhtemoc Blanco with Chicago at US$ 2,666,778 and 3rd is Marcelo Gallardo with D.C. United at US$ 1,874,006. The median salary stands at US$ 61,273. These figures are according to the league’s players union.

Unconfirmed: David gives £8million Dubai mansion to Victoria’s parents.
Again, unconfirmed but there is one site quoting “sources” that David after a discussion with Victoria decided to “give” her parents their Dubai Mansion. I say “give” because he will still legally own it but is giving them full access and to use as theirs.
The decision is apparently based on the fact that they realized they wouldn’t be able to spend any time in Dubai anyways and it would be a waste to have the mansion sitting there collecting dust basically. Interesting to note that the value more than increase 10 fold in value since they purchased it since Dubai has become and increasingly more popular vacation spot.
A few pictures of the man-made palm-shaped island ( haven’t been able to locate pictures of the masion itself yet though, if any of you come across some, please notify me so I can post them ).

Here is the source for this.

100th Cap Video

Here is a very nice video that fan “odiatrel” made and sent us. It gave me goosebumps more than once. I love it and I’m sure you will too.

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