With their 1-0 loss to Columbus Crew last night the Galaxy are now all but out of playoff contention. They are 5 points from the final playoff position and only have 3 games left to play; it would take a winning run akin to last year’s late efforts with the rookie squad to achieve this.

“We have to win our next game,” Galaxy coach Bruce Arena said. “There is still a lot of math to be done, but it doesn’t mean anything because we are not winning games. We need to win games and certainly that is going to be our goal. We have to win games regardless of what everyone else does.”


If they remain at the bottom of their conference it will be the second season since David’s arrival that the Galaxy have failed to make the league playoffs, and we can expect this to raise some serious questions about the success of the Beckham-in-America experiment.

Given that it’s only been one full season with him on the pitch (recall the first year he signed late, then spent most of it injured) is it premature to call the experiment a failure? However you look at it, you can certainly call it an unfortunate mess.

I echo my sentiments of the other day that we can, as fans, at this point choose to face the criticism that David will receive head on, or to ignore it. I’ll continue to present you with external articles and posts of reasonable criticism (emphasis on reasonable; those which are negative simply for the sake of being negative will be overlooked) and the choice of whether or not to read them (and/or to respond to them) is yours.

Let’s not forget it’s hardly the first time that David, and by extension his fans, have been subjected to criticism. So keep your chin up as the rest of the MLS season plays out, and look forward to hopefully stronger performances during the Galaxy’s off-season tours (which are already in the works). We’ll bring you news about those as it breaks.

As a side note, it appears as if all the usual p2p streams were down last night, so my apologies to anyone who couldn’t watch the game live. Unfortunately I can’t control the reliability of the p2p options, I can only give them to you. Hopefully some of you were able to pick up a feed that worked to see at least some of the match.

Becks Suspended
Through an accumulation of cards, David will be suspended from play for the next Galaxy match. A yellow card received last night pushed him over the suspension limit.

“It’s disappointing, but I am not going to go into a game thinking about an accumulation of cards,” Beckham said. “If you do, it puts you off your game and you are not going to go for tackles. It was just a mistimed challenge that the referee was giving out cards quite freely, it’s disappointing.”

Source & match review here.

England Awaits
Now for some good news: David’s been called to Capello’s squad for Kazakhstan and Belarus in England’s ongoing World Cup qualifying campaign. The squad is listed here.

Although speaking about his omission of Michael Owen, Capello gave a quote that should be heartening to David’s fans when it comes to whether or not the Galaxy’s performance will affect Capello’s decision to include him.

“I have to decide on 23 players. I do not decide out of sympathy or because I like or dislike players. I decide on who I think is the best player at the moment.”


The match against Kazakhstan is 10/11 and Belarus is 10/15. We’ll bring you viewing options on football day.

There’ll be training time open to the press in London and Minsk so expect some photos and video to come.

Credit crunch sinks its teeth into sport
While this is mainly an article about the business end of sports, there is one mention of Becks that’s interesting. (Bear in mind that Stanley Matthews played between the 1930s and 1960s.)

Then & now:

Stanley Matthews, one of England’s first marketable football superstars, was paid a magnificent £20 a week to wear boots sold by the CWS Co-op Group; David Beckham’s boots deal with adidas is worth £3 million a year.


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