David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay compare watches at LA Lakers – pictures

David Beckham is recovering from an Achilles injury at the moment – meaning he has plenty of spare time for watching basketball.

He was joined at the Staples Center by chef Gordon Ramsay for last night’s match between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers. Keep reading

Q&A with MLS’ Don Garber

SI.com: You mentioned recently that Seattle and Toronto were the only MLS teams that operated at a profit in 2009. If David Beckham had been with the Los Angeles Galaxy the whole season, would the Galaxy have been profitable?

Garber: Yeah. More than likely.

SI.com: So he’s that big of an influence still?

Garber: Yeah. No question.

SI.com: AEG CEO Tim Leiweke also said the Galaxy does not expect to be profitable this year. In what areas does Beckham change things? It’s not just attendance, right?

Garber: David’s presence on the field affects all aspects of the Galaxy’s business and the league’s business. It’s all fairly obvious, from ticket sales to sponsorship to merchandise. It’s heartbreaking when a guy has a devastating injury and can’t achieve his dreams. And I feel first for that, because David has been a great member of this league and he’ll be a major part of our history. We certainly hope he comes back, and if he does we’ll be able to benefit from that. We’re hoping he gets healthy soon. Keep reading

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